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For every ground floor slab installation you must account for water seeping from the ground into the concrete. With a special waterproof concrete mix, we repel water under the slab to stop absorption.

Waterproof Liquid Epoxy Solution

We apply a separate liquid epoxy solution to the top of a concrete slab to create an impermeable layer, keeping the concrete slab free of water damage.

Waterproof Concrete Mix

We can create a water-resistant mix for new installations in order to repel water back into the ground, preventing any entry absorption into the concrete slab.

Understanding Waterproof Concrete

Experts in impermeable waterproof concrete

What is it?
Where is used?
Waterproof Concrete Explained
Why use Waterproof Concrete?

When installing ground floor concrete flooring we must consider how ground water may affect the concrete flooring. In every instance of installing a ground floor slab, we create a special mix of waterproof concrete which repels water by creating an impermeable solution.

Without this protection, over a period of time ground floor slabs may become damaged or corroded by seeping groundwater.

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Where Waterproof concrete flooring is required
All Ground floor slabs reqire Waterproof Concrete

Waterproof Concrete should be used wherever ground floor concrete flooring is installed.

  • Warehouses
  • Homes
  • Office
  • Apartment blocks

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Waterproof Concrete Projects

Waterproof Concrete case studies

For every installation of a ground floor slab, we ensure the slab is made with a mix of waterproof concrete to avoid groundwater from seeping up. Explore our past projects.

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