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The Skip Float Concreting finish is the most basic of finishes & is the starting point for all other finishes. It requires a highly experienced tradesman to run a skip float over the surface while wet to flatten & seal the concrete.

Seals and Flattens surface

The first stage in removing blemishes and flattening surface

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Skip Float Concreting Finish
Concrete Skip Float specialists

Skip float concreting uses a special tool designed to flatten, compact and spread concrete manually. The skip float tool is effectively a blade attached to a long pole which is dragged across the concrete pour whilst its still wet in order to provide a final finish, or as a precursor to a power float finish for a higher level of flatness.

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Suitable Concrete floors for Skip Float finish
Skip Float concrete finish to start

For most projects you’ll find our team opting to use the skip float finishing tool as a precursor to a final power float finish.

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The skip float finishing process
Skip Float Concreting by a skilled practitioner

The process of concrete skip float flooring requires highly skilled and experienced concrete tradesperson to implement. The act of smoothing off and leaving an acceptable tolerance of flatness means that timing and judging of speed and pressure are critical in providing a smooth surface.

  1. Wait for the concrete to begin the drying process. If this is started too early the concrete may shift and spread in unexpected ways.
  2. Take the skip float tool & carefully pull along set lines to spread & compact the concrete; applying the correct pressure to move the right amount of concrete.
  3. Further passes may be required depending on the wetness of the concrete
  4. Repeat step 2 -3 until desired finish is achieved

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Concrete Skip Float Finish Projects

Concrete Skip Float Finish Case Studies

After laying, we are occasionally required to carry out a skip float concreting finish when there aren’t stringent conditions for the floor level (FM levels)

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