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Concrete shuttering is used to keep the pour in place while it is in the process of drying. A barrier is built around an area to stop any concrete spreading to unwanted areas. Almost every concrete floor project requires some form of shuttering.

Rapid shutter deployment

We’re able to lay 100’s of linear metres of concrete shuttering per day.

Permanent or Temporary

We can fit either temporary or permanent concrete shuttering

In-house team of concrete shuttering joiners

We employ our own team of shuttering joiners to ensure our standards are consistently met

Plywood, Timber or Prefab Solutions

If the situation requires it we can user either standard timber or prefabricated solutions

Concrete Shuttering Installation

We Expertly install Concrete Shuttering onsite

What is it?
Where is it used?
How it's Installed
Most projects require some form of concrete shuttering
What is Shuttering for Concrete Floors?

When pouring concrete you must ensure that you have the area contained with some form of barrier. Without a solid barrier in place the concrete will spill over into areas it doesn’t belong.

Concrete Shuttering is the erection of a temporary or permanent barrier that holds the concrete in place whilst it is being poured and over the course of curing (drying). Once the concrete has been set you can remove the shuttering.

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Concrete Shuttering for almost every industrial pour
Where is Shuttering for Concrete Floors needed?

Concrete Shuttering is used at the pointers of pours and at day joints between successive pours. Some Shuttering or ‘Formwork’ can be left in place between pours and become an integral part of the floor. We can advise on which type suits each floor and budget.

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our installation process
Installing Concrete Shuttering for a project

Concrete Shuttering and formwork would be set out by an engineer and the line controlled by good old-fashioned string lines. The height will be suitably set either by a rotating laser or a very accurate optical device depending on the level tolerance. All Shuttering for concrete floors must be suitably braced to ensure they remain in place. It is our specific calculations and experience that tells us how this can be achieved.

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Recommended Preparation

Mesh and Reinforcement

The metal mesh into which we pour the concrete to increase the slab strength.

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Types of lay

Laser Screed

The quickest method for laser level accuracy (up to FM1) for large-scale concrete pours.

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Screed Rail

A screed rail system allows the manual levelling of a pour when you can’t use a laser screed.

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Hand Lay

Skilled specialists use a metal tamp to spread the concrete evenly across a surface.

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Concrete Shuttering Projects

Specialists in shuttering for concrete floors

Almost all of our projects require shuttering to be built prior to the pour. Check out our case studies to read about our previous projects and how concrete shuttering played a part.

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