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Self Compacting Concrete or Self Compacting Screed is a revolutionary new type of concrete which can be poured onto any surface and compact itself without the need for finishing considerations.

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Self Compacting Concrete explained
Self Compacting Screed revolutionised concrete pouring

Before the days of Self Compacting Concrete (or Self Compacting Screed) the only way to get a flat SR2 concrete floor was the traditional method of pouring then power floating.

Self Compacting Screed is self levelling and self compacting, which takes out a lot of the requirements for finishing operations if laid correctly

The benefits of self compacting concrete allow for the rapid deployment of very flat concrete floors onsite without the noise, lighting implications and costs of powerfloating or applying a secondary screed.

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Self Compacting Screed Applications
Self Compacting Concrete can be used anywhere

Self Compacting Screed can be used anywhere you would use a traditional concrete to provide a flat floor including;

  • on metal decking
  • on precast
  • domestic floors
  • with reinforcement details

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our process
Installation of Self Compacting Screed

A pour using self compacting concrete can take away the necessity to have a large team onsite managing the levelling and powerfloating of the concrete.

  1. Prepare groundwork, including shuttering and formwork.
  2. Pour Self Compacting Screed into area by pump
  3. Manage pour by spreading and laying in correct areas
  4. Dapple the concrete to achieve required flatness
  5. Apply special sealant product at required dosage

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Self Compacting Concrete Projects

Self Compacting Concrete Case Studies

Concrete flooring using self levelling Screed can be laid in almost all of the same locations as the traditional methods allow for. As such the range of Self Compacting concrete case studies show a full range of application locations.

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