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Every concrete floor will crack as it cures and dries as water leaves the concrete and the volume shrinks. With good design and accurate saw cuts, we define where the crack in concrete flooring will be, and hide them under a neat sealed cut as opposed to letting them occur at random.

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What is it?
Where is it used?
How it's applied
Crack in Concrete floor
Improves concrete appearance with controlled cracks

Sawcuts are a feature of most ground floor slabs and are straight line cuts made by a diamond tipped blade to a depth of over 25% of the slab depth. These cuts are made by blades of between 5 and 10mm diameter. This joint is then sealed with the application of a thick liquid resin such as mastic.

The saw cuts are installed on a predetermined grid as per the design and allow the crack in concrete floors to fall under the sealant, thus making them invisible from above.

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Controlled Crack in concrete floor
Projects that require Saw Cut & Seal

A Designer will specify where and how deep/wide saw cut joints will be. Most slabs will have saw cuts in, including:

  • Warehouse Floors
  • External yards
  • Ground floor slabs
  • Some raised floors

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Our process
Saw Cut and Seal application

Firstly, the position of the sawcut is marked in conjunction with the drawings under supervision of an engineer.

  1. Cut locations are marked
  2. Saw cutters use a powered cutting machine to cut straight lines at prescribed depths
  3. Dust is vacuumed and suppressed during cutting
  4. Joints are sealed with a gun that squeezes resin into the joint before it is ‘struck off’ by a skilled tradesman.

Typically sawcuts are performed 8 – 48 hours after finishing operations, sealing takes place normally 28 days later.

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Concrete Saw Cut & Seal Projects

Concrete saw cut & seal case studies

Check out our case studies to discover previous projects and how the Saw Cut & Seal method was used.

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