Concrete Powerfloat Finish

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With the right combination of machine size, timing and operator experience, a concrete powerfloat finish is a great choice for a smooth surface. It’s usually used to achieve a greater level of flatness & surface regularity.

Hard wearing finish

Powerfloated concrete results in a hard wearing finished surface by densifying the top 2-3mm.

Up to FM1 tolerance

Our powerfloat finish for concrete achieves flatness tolerances of up to FM1 standard

SR3 classification

This tolerance is only achievable through powerfloated concrete floor.

Decades of experience

It takes years of learning, training, and methodology.

Experts in Powerfloat finish for Concrete

Powerfloated concrete is high tolerance and hardwearing

What is it?
Where is it used?
How is it Applied?
What is a Powerfloat Finish
Concrete Powerfloat Finish

Using a concrete powerfloat finish you can achieve a reasonable level of flatness. Even when you use a Laser Screed Lay you will want to use a powerfloat finish for concrete to achieve additional levels of flatness. A Powerfloat finish machine sits on top of the concrete in a similar manner to a hovercraft with a series of blades underneath which rotate at a very high speed. The blades spin and polish out all imperfections to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. As a general rule, the more passes you have with a power float, the smoother your floor will be.

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Concrete Powerfloat Finish
Powerfloated concrete on almost every project

Powerfloat finish for concrete is used where concrete is going to be the finished floor, or where a thin layer direct applied finish is to go on top:

  • Warehouse concrete Floors
  • Under thin tiling
  • Under carpeting
  • Under thin screeds
  • As preparation to receive resin or paint.

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Our process for a Powerfloat finish
Powerfloat finish for Concrete requires skill

The choice of Powerfloat type, size, number and experience levels of operators is critical to achieving the desired effect.

After Laying:

  1. Wait for the critical time when concrete has set enough to walk on but is not yet solid.
  2. Powerfloat the surface concrete with circular ‘pans’ connected to the underside of the machine. This brings up a creamy paste
  3. Further passes with the ‘pans’ push down any aggregate and flattens the surface.
  4. Pans are removed and Powerfloats are driven on their blades which trowel the surface flatter & smoother with every pass.
  5. More and more passes of the blades in different directions give the desired finished effect.

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Powerfloated Concrete Floor Projects

Powerfloat finish for Concrete Case Studies

A powerfloat finish is usually carried out as one of the final stages in finishing a concrete slab project. See some of our case studies here.

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