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Laser Screed Concreting uses a laser-guided machine to achieve flatness tolerances of FM2. The Laser Screed Concreting method is often the quickest and cheapest way to achieve tight tolerance over large areas.

2000m2 laid per day

When using a Laser Screed Machine we can easily lay 2000m2 per day

FM2 and FM2 Special

Can be achieved over large areas where required for high bay racking

Can Lay to Falls

We use grading lasers to lay to a high tolerance, even on falls

100mm – 500mm Depth

Using our machinery we can achieve a wide range of depths

Reliable Laser Screed Installation

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Laser Screed Concrete floors: The method
Laser Screed Concreting Explained

Laser Screed Concreting is the latest and most innovative method for covering large areas with concrete to a high degree of flatness and levelness.

Laser Screed Concrete floors offer the perfect solution where extra flat floors are a must. For example, within warehouses where a low degree of flatness could have disastrous consequences on high level racking.

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From Warehouses to Ground Floor Slabs
Laser Screed Concreting Applications

Laser Screed Concreting is the ideal solution when you need either a very flat floor or require concrete laid in a shorter space of time but still to the desired standard. Laser Screed machines automate the entire process of laying concrete to a consistently high degree of flatness.

When you require a larger external area laid to tight falls, you may also opt for a laser screed concrete floor to alleviate puddles but still install quickly and efficiently.

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our process is fairly standard
Laser Screed Concrete floor installation

Our Laser Screed machines range from 1 to 3 tonnes (the size of a car) and as such they need specific access to the laying area. This often means that some reinforcement and formwork will need to be installed during the pour.

  1. Install perimeter formwork as usual, leaving out a small section for laser screed access
  2. Install some reinforcement detail
  3. Pour concrete and screed off using laser screed machine
  4. Well drilled teams work together with laser screed gang to install remaining reinforcement during the pour
  5. Close out the formwork access point as the machine pulls out of the pour
  6. Complete as normal to required finish level

Laser Screed Concreting Projects

Laser Screed Concrete Floors: our Case Studies

We have a range of Laser Screed machines for different size projects. See examples of how we use them in our Laser Screed Concreting case studies.

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