Hand Lay

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The hand lay method for laying concrete uses a metal tamp to spread the concrete evenly across a surface. This takes years of experience to do correctly; we constantly monitor our installers to check our quality remains spot on.

FM4 Tolerance

We can easily achieve an FM4 Tolerance with the Hand Lay Method.

1500m2 Daily Lay

We can lay up to 1500m2 of concrete per day using this method

Speed & Efficiency

Hand Lay is the quickest way to lay with minimum fuss

Constant Level Checks

Our chargehands are constantly accessing our levels and any falls

Fast and Reliable Installation

Highly skilled team of hand lay specialists

What is it?
Where is it used?
How it's Installed
The hand lay method
The manual floating of concrete

The Hand Lay method is a bit of an art form and requires highly skilled and experienced experts to carry out. We typically recommend the hand lay method for smaller, less complex jobs where factors such as a high level tolerance are not a main priority. However, we are still able to achieve greater tolerances of flatness during the finishing process by using a Power Float. This method is fast but effective and can deliver great functional floors if installed by our time served craftsmen.

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Hand Lay / Skup Float
Anywhere flatness isn't a concern

We tend to recommend the Hand Lay method on floors where a high level of tolerance is not required. Examples would include; floors that will be covered in a screed or a latex, floors to be tiled or simply for basic residential use.

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Our Process
Hand Lay Pours

Concrete is distributed either from a concrete pump or the back of a mixer wagon and then spread with rakes to a general levelness. More accurate spot levels are then troweled into the wet concrete to give a final level to work to. Finally, a long metal lamp is used to smooth the concrete to these final levels. A skipfloat is run over the surface to finish.

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Hand Lay Case Studies

Specialists in the Hand Lay Method

When tolerance is vital the hand lay method proves to be the most cost and time efficient process for laying concrete.

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