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Almost every concrete project requires a steel lattice to be built in place prior to the pour in order to reinforce and increase the concrete strength.

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We’re able to lay 1000m2 of reinforcing mesh and tonnes of re-bar per day

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Concrete mesh and reinforcement
Almost every pour requires a reinforcing mesh or re-bar

Concrete is the only viable solution for supporting buildings and incredible levels of force. It’s properties mean that it won’t buckle under the immense pressure it typically needs to endure.

However, across almost every pour you’ll find that there is a requirement for concrete formwork or a reinforcing mesh grid and steel bars to strengthen it. Concrete is poured over the reinforcing mesh which cures around the steel. This significantly increased strength and durability of the final product and prevents cracking.

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Concrete mesh & reinforcement Applications
You'll need concrete formwork on almost every industrial pour

You’ll need some steel reinforcing mesh on every industrial concrete pour. Reinforcement increases the strength of a floor enormously and reduces cracking. Steel will run through all industrial floors and extra reinforcement will be found at details and corners. Joint details at regular intervals allow floors to dry without unsightly cracking.

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our process
The installation process is fairly standard

We carefully study design drawings and involve our purchasing dept to make sure the correct materials are present. The designs are forwarded to our installation teams where competent steel fixers follow the drawings to the letter. Spacers are installed and the reinforcements are tied together in line with BS EN 1992. All details are signed off by an engineer before pouring.

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Concrete Mesh & Reinforcement Projects

Concrete Formwork Case Studies

Almost all of our projects require reinforcing mesh to be built prior to the pour. View our relevant case studies and see how mesh & reinforcement formed a part of them.

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