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A concrete screed finish is a thin layer of concrete mix applied to a floor in order to provide a finish with a specific purpose. It could be for decoration, waterproofing, wear and tear or to level out an uneven floor.

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What is it?
Where is it used?
A thin layer of concrete with a purpose
Concrete Screed Explained

A floor screed finish is usually applied at the end stages of a concrete floor project.
There are a number of different types of floor screed which all have different purposes and properties.

Leveling concrete Screed
To achieve a specific level of flatness on an uneven floor.

Wearing concrete Screed
A durable, high strength concrete topping that serves as flooring.

Floating concrete Screed
Used to provide acoustic or thermal insulation. I.e. on top of underfloor heating.

Self Compacting Screed
Specialist innovative type of screed which compacts & levels itself

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Used on any finished or unfinished surface
Concrete Screed Applications

A concrete floor screed is designed to be used as the final stage of a concrete project. It is most typically used in internal situations to provide extra properties to the initial concrete pour.

To provide an extra level of flatness or strength to the floor

Apartment or Office
To provide a decorative finish or to cover the inner workings of an underfloor heating installation. It can also be used to provide a good base for tiling upon.

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Concrete Screed Finish Projects

Concrete floor screed Case Studies

The very nature of a concrete floor screed finish is that it can be used in almost any project to provide finishing properties for the overall concrete pour.

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