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For an extra level of resilience or colouring in your finished concrete floor, you may want to consider a Dry Shake topping.

Range of Dry Shake Toppings

We can source or supply the ideal dry shake topping to meet your requirements

Abrasion Resistance Topping

Reduce the wear and tear of the flooring with an abrasion resistant topping

Decorative Topping

Provide a corporate or decorative colour to the finished concrete

Light Reflecting Properties

With the right dry shake topping we can increase the amount of floor light reflected

Fast and Reliable Installation

Learn about Dry Shake Topping

What is it?
Where is it used?
How its Installed
Dry shake topping
An extra level of strength and resilience for a concrete surface

A dry shake topping is a powder coating applied to the surface concrete after its been poured and before it has completely dried.

It reacts with the concrete mix to create either an extra hard surface that can withstand greater impact and wear & tear than your typical concrete floor. Dry Shake Toppings can also offer other properties like colour and reflectivity.

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Dry Shake Topping usage
Dry Shake toppings can be decorative or used in high traffic areas

Where a floor is exposed to exceptionally high traffic or requires a colouring.
Places such as:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Vehicle / plant sales floors
  • Engineering works
  • Power stations
  • Waterworks

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our process
Dry Shake Topping Application

This is one of the most difficult installation procedures in concrete flooring. Timing and ensuring correct coverage are vital to give an even and consistent finish.

After Laying the concrete the dry shake is applied by either a handheld or a large mechanical spreader. This is then powerfloated. Timing, machinery type, operator experience and adhering to manufacturers instructions are key to getting a dry shake floor just right.

Our installers deliver as near to perfection as possible as we know that an incorrect installation can be ugly and expensive to repair.

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Recommended Preparation


The frame around the pour area to keep the concrete in place whilst it dries.

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Types of lay

Laser Screed

The quickest method for laser level accuracy (up to FM1) for large scale concrete pours.

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Screed Rail

A screed rail system allows the manual levelling of a pour when you can’t use a laser screed.

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Hand Lay

Skilled specialists use a metal tamp to spread the concrete evenly across a surface.

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Dry Shake Topping Case Studies

Dry Shake Topping Application

The application of a dry shake topping is a small part of a much longer process. Explore our previous project case studies which required a dry shake topping.

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