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Brush Finish Concrete Floors are typically used as a wearing surface on external yards producing high slip resistance and better wearing properties.

High Grip Finish

Brush finish concrete ensures a high level of grip on outdoor surfaces

Longer Wearing

The process of powerfloating then brushing gives a denser, more durable surface.

Fast and Reliable trowel finish Concrete

Brush finish Concrete Flooring

What is it?
Where is it used?
How's it applied
Functional finish for external slabs
Brush or Trowel Finish Concrete

Brush finish concrete or Trowel finish concrete floors are easy to spot as you’ll immediately see the textured looking parallel lines scratched into the concrete surface. The concrete brush finish method creates extra grip for vehicles and pedestrians as well as aiding drainage of water.

Brush finished floors are attractive when combined with troweled margin detailing.

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Concrete brush finish is required for most external floors
Applications of Brush Finish Concrete

A Concrete Brush finish is predominantly applied on outdoor concreted areas which is expected to experience high footfall or the area is prone to getting wet.

Outdoor locations, such as:

  • Car Parks
  • External Yards
  • Garage Forecourts (Petrol Stations).

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The Trowel Finish Concrete Process
Brush Finish Concrete Floors

When applying a brush or trowel finish concrete to newly laid concrete flooring you need to act fast and catch the concrete whilst it’s still wet enough to allow the brush to run over it, but dry enough not to ruin any levelling work already carried out.

After laying:

  1. Skipfloat the concrete and wait for the perfect time to start applying the finish.
  2. Use the Powerfloat with a metal pan attached to blades to densify & flatten the surface.
  3. Take a bristled brush and carefully draw it across the surface creating parallel lines.
  4. Repeat in parallel passes.
  5. Have trowel margins along shutters to give an attractive border & accurate edge.
  6. Create a ‘bull nose’ edge with a trowel to give rounded joint edges & features.

A poorly applied concrete brush finish can turn a newly laid floor into an eyesore if it’s not carried out with painstaking attention to detail. Despite the high grip properties of the finish you always want to ensure that a Brush Finish looks attractive and clean to pedestrians using it.

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Our Brush Finish Concrete Projects

Brush Finished Concrete floor Case Studies

Almost all of our external yard, garage forecourt and car parks are finished using the Brush Finish. Check out our case studies for examples and evidence of our work.

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