From planning and preparation to the perfect finish, our skilled team of installers offer a variety of services to suit every project requirement.

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Concrete Mesh and Reinforcement

Most concrete projects require Mesh & Reinforcement. Steel grids inbuilt to reinforce structure and increase concrete strength.

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Hand Lay Concreting

The Hand Lay method requires experts using specialist tools to spread the concrete evenly, typically for small, less complex jobs.

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Concrete Powerfloat Finish

Powerfloat concrete finishing is a common method providing a hardwearing, durable finish along with greater flatness or smoothness.

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Concrete Brush Finish

Brush Finish concrete is typically used for external projects, providing high slip resistance and allowing proper water drainage.

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Skip Float Finish

Skip Float finish is a labour intensive method requiring a team of highly experienced tradesmen to ensure a flat and even surface.

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Concrete Floor Screed

Floor screed finishing applies a thin layer of concrete to give a specific purpose finish. Waterproofing, insulating or to level an uneven floor.

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Concrete Dry Shake Topping

Dry shake topping is a powder applied to concrete before it dries, to increase the surface resilience, reflectivity or change the colour.

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Waterproof Concrete

A special concrete mix to create an impermeable solution which repels seeping water and prevents any absorption into the concrete.

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Self Compacting Concrete (Screed)

A revolutionary concrete which, when poured onto any surface, will compact and level itself without requiring extensive skilled installers.

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Laser Screed Concreting

Using laser-guided machinery, this offers the most effective method for covering large areas to the highest degree of flatness.

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Concrete Shuttering

Shuttering is the erection of permanent or temporary barriers that hold concrete in place whilst it’s being poured and in the process of drying.

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Screed Rail Lay Concreting

A screed rail lay uses predefined railed guides to lay and flatten the concrete, providing both cost and time efficient accuracy.

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Concrete Saw Cut & Seal

Often used as a crack inducer at the static end of a structure, saw cut and seal is the most basic type of formed joint.

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