Laser Screed Concreting

Laser Screed Concreting uses a laser-guided machine to achieve flatness tolerances of FM2 or higher. The Laser Screed Concreting method is often the fastest and most cost effective way to achieve high tolerance over large areas.

Laser Screed Concreting is the ideal solution when you need either a very flat floor or require concrete laid in a shorter space of time but still to the desired standard. We have a variety of different sized screed machines enabling us to access any size of job to deliver a consistently high degree of quality. Our Laser Screed machines automate the entire process of laying concrete to a consistently high degree of flatness.

When you require a larger external area laid to tight falls, you may also opt for a laser screed concrete floor to alleviate puddles but still install quickly and efficiently.

2,400㎡ laid per day 

Our Laser Screed Machines allow for optimum efficiency, we have the ability to lay 2,400㎡ per day per project.

Depth variety

Using our machinery, we have the ability to operate to a high standard on a variety of depths, including decking laser pours on re-bar.

FM2 and FM1 

We can achieve FM2 and FM1 over large areas where required for high bay racking.

Gradient lay

We use grading lasers to lay to a high tolerance, even on falls. We offer a range of machines that can also lay upper floors and highly reinforced slabs.

Laser Screed Concreting Projects 

We have a range of Laser Screed machines to suit any size project or area. See examples of how we use them in our Laser Screed Concreting case studies.



Laser Screed Lay to a tolerance of FM2 for our client TSL.

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TJ Morris

Laser Screed Lay to a tolerance level of FM2 on a 20,000㎡ project

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