Hand Lay Concreting 

The hand lay concreting method uses a metal tamp and a hand held power screed is used to spread the concrete evenly across a surface. This method takes years to master. We have some of the most experienced and skilled installers to provide the best possible service and finish for our clients.


Typically the hand lay method is recommended for less complex jobs where factors such as a high level tolerance are not a main priority. However, we are able to achieve greater tolerances of flatness during the finishing process by using a Power Float. This method is fast but effective and can deliver great functional floors if installed by our time served craftsmen.

We are constantly seeking perfection and therefore recognise there is always room for improvement, consequently, we provide training and development to even our most seasoned professionals. 


We aim to install a minimum of

1500㎡ of hand lay concreting per day per project.

Constant Level Checks 

Our charge hands are constantly assessing our levels and any falls. We strive for perfection so have multiple supervisors on-hand  to ensure quality control.

FM3 Tolerance 

We can easily achieve an FM3 Tolerance with the Concrete Hand Lay Method.

Speed & Efficiency

The hand lay concreting method is the quickest way to lay concrete with minimum fuss but optimum craftsmanship.

Hand Lay Concreting Projects 

Take a look at a couple of our example projects below:


Student Housing, Nottingham

Total concrete pour size of 5,833㎡ to a tolerance of SR3.

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South Tyne & Wear Waste PFI

We used hand lay method over six weeks on a project size of 7,000㎡.

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McLaren Construction Ltd


"CBS Concreting completed the job to a high standard and on schedule which is why we continue to use them"