Concrete Shuttering

Concrete shuttering is used to keep the pour in place while it is in the process of drying. Almost every concrete floor project requires some form of shuttering. Concrete Shuttering is the erection of a temporary or permanent barrier that holds the concrete in place whilst it is being poured and over the course of curing (drying). Once the concrete has been set you can remove the shuttering. We can provide expert advice on which type of shuttering suits your floor type and budget.

Concrete Shuttering and formwork will be set out by an engineer and the height will be suitably set either by a rotating laser or one of our optical devices depending on the level tolerance. It is our experience combined with our specific calculations and planning that sets us apart.

Plywood, Timber or Prefab Solutions

We have the ability to use a variety of materials - depending on the project requirements.

Rapid shutter deployment

Our team are able to lay 100's of linear metres of concrete shuttering per day.

Permanent or Temporary

We can fit either permanent or temporary shuttering. The longevity of your shuttering will depend on your project but we can provide expert advice.

In-house specialist concrete shuttering joiners

We employ our own team of shuttering joiners to ensure our standards are consistently met.

Concrete Shuttering Projects 

Almost all of our projects require shuttering to be built prior to the pour. Check out our case studies to read about our previous projects and how concrete shuttering played a part.


New HSS Depot, Trafford Park

8500㎡ of external concrete yard on time and on budget.

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Parkfield Warehouse, Battersea

Interior laser lay to FM2 with Permaban Alfa Joints.

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