Concrete Powerfloat Finish

With the right combination of machine size, timing and operator experience, a concrete Powerfloat finish is a great choice for a smooth surface. It’s usually used to achieve a greater level of flatness & surface regularity. Our Powerfloat finish machines use a series of blades to polish out all imperfections achieving a smooth and shiny finish. As a general rule, the more passes you have with a power float, the smoother your floor will be.


All of our powerfloat operators are highly skilled and as a result, the finished effects of using the machines are extremely aesthetically pleasing. The choice of Powerfloat is critical in having the desired effect and is why here at CBS Concreting, we use nothing but the best in terms of type, size and number of machines.

Up to FM1 tolerance

Our Powerfloat finish for concrete achieves flatness tolerances of up to FM1 standard - the highest specification.

Decades of experience 

A combination of training and years of experience has allowed us to offer the highest standard of finish with a Powerfloat machine.

Hard Wearing Finish

Powerfloated concrete results in a hard wearing finished surface by densifying the top 2mm-3mm.

Cutting edge Powerfloats 

We have a range of powerfloats in all sizes allowing us to bring any floor into a high quality of finish.

Powerfloat Finish Concreting Projects 

A powerfloat finish is usually carried out as one of the final stages in finishing a concrete slab project. See some of our case studies here:


Doncaster Warehouse

Powerfloat finish on a project size of 20,000㎡.

Doncaster Supershed 2.jpeg
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Cardinal Maritime New Warehouse

New concrete flooring installed in just three months, 1 month ahead of schedule.

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McLaren Construction Ltd


"CBS Concreting completed the job to a high standard and on schedule which is why we continue to use them"