Concrete on Decking

The main purpose of raised floor concrete is to form functional floors for structure & fireproofing. Most raised concrete floors are laid to a uniform thickness and often follow the movement and flex of its decking. 

Typically you’ll need a metal or concrete slab decking to be provided by others to allow us to pour concrete on. The decking contractor would normally install edge trim to retain the concrete and fill any gaps in the decking. We can then install steel reinforcement and mesh as required with day joints prior to pouring. Most raised floor concrete is laid to a uniform thickness that follows the movement and flex of the decking, but with screed rails and propping, we have achieved tolerances as high as FM3.

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SR3 Tolerance

Our Raised Concrete Flooring is certified to SR3 tolerance.

Fully Accredited Installers

Contractors are fully certified and accredited with CSCS on concrete NVQ schemes.

Concreting on Decking Projects 

We are regularly tasked with the implementation of raised floor concrete for office blocks and apartments, student blocks, and hospitals. See our case studies here.


Salford University

Flooring for five different blocks with 9 floors.

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AstraZeneca Upper Floors

Concrete Slabs on Kingspan MD50 decking laid to SR3.

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McLaren Construction Ltd


"CBS Concreting completed the job to a high standard and on schedule which is why we continue to use them"