Concrete Floor Screed

A concrete screed is a thin layer of concrete mix applied to a floor in order to allow follow-on finishes. It could be for getting a very high level for tiling, carpeting or vinyling. A floor screed finish is usually applied at the end stages of a concrete floor project.

There are a number of different types of floor screed which all have different purposes and properties.


Leveling concrete Screed
To achieve a specific level of flatness on an uneven floor.


Wearing concrete Screed
A durable, high strength concrete topping that serves as flooring.


Floating concrete Screed
Used to provide acoustic or thermal insulation. I.e. on top of underfloor heating.


Self Compacting Screed
Specialist innovative type of screed which compacts & levels itself

Specialists in Concrete Screed Finish 

We are specialists and accredited installers of Concrete Floor Screed.

SR2 Tolerance

We guarantee a level tolerance of up to SR2, regardless of project size.

Concrete Floor Screed Projects 

The very nature of a concrete floor screed finish is that it can be used in almost any project to provide finishing properties for the overall concrete pour. Take a look at our projects below:


AC Steels New Warehouse

Warehouse floor screed laid and completed in 5 days.

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TJ Morris

Warehouse floor screed laid over 20,000㎡ to FM2 tolerance.

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McLaren Construction Ltd


"CBS Concreting completed the job to a high standard and on schedule which is why we continue to use them"