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It is vital that high tolerance concrete floors are fit for purpose. Through constant pre-pour, live & post install surveying and using the most up to date construction methods, we meet your required floor tolerances every time.

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High Tolerance Concrete Floors

Preparation Options

The first step is to decide which class of floor tolerance is required. (See more information on Floor Tolerance Classes). High Tolerance concrete floors are laid using Laser Screed or by hand on Screed Rails. If the design incorporates a lot of thickenings or complicated reinforcement detail, or if access for the laser screed machine is restricted, the Acra system should be used.  In this system the reinforcement and join detail is installed in full, along with the Acra screed rail system prior to pouring. If the laser screed option is preferred, only the perimeter detail is set up beforehand and the reinforcement for the main body of the floor is installed on the day of the pour. With Laser Screed pours the reinforcement and even membrane is installed concurrently with the concrete pour, requiring great coordination between skilled teams.

Types of Lay

With the Acra Screed system, the laying of the floor is done by hand by skilled operatives that distribute the pour from the end of a pump link and level the concrete with rakes and a keen eye. The finished level is then achieved by pulling a straight edge off the top of the screed rails to remove excess concrete. The laser screed method takes much of the physical work away from the operatives, allowing the machine to do most of the work. Our accredited operators drive the laser machine to screed the concrete to the correct level, as machines computer adjusts the height tens of times per second, achieving unrivalled accuracy.

Finishing Considerations

High tolerance concrete floors are finished with large ride-on powerfloats that fine-tune the floor levels and give an extra degree of flatness and smoothness. Edges and details are finished with our hand operated machines, but it is our top of the range ride-on powerfloats that give the body of the floor its incredible flatness. To top it off, most high tolerance concrete floors are sealed faster, immediately finishing to help give a dust proof sheen.

Case studies

High tolerance concrete floor projects

We’ve installed a number of high tolerance concrete floors all across the country. View our High tolerance concrete floor case studies: you’re sure to find a previous job we’ve completed that matches your project.

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