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External Yard Projects

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Over the past 5 years we have laid 100,000 square metre of concrete in external yards.


Choosing the right stuff

Preparation Options

Most concrete floors for external yards are installed in long strip bays of around 5 – 6 metres in width. We install stutters to separate each bay with bays being poured in ‘hit and miss’ sections. Steel reinforcement and joint details can be installed prior to pouring or prepared and dropped into the wet concrete during pouring.

Types of Lay

Depending on the layout and budget of a project, concrete may be poured by pump or from the back of the mixer truck. Once poured it is then hand laid using the shutters as level guidance. A laser receiver and even screed rails can be used for tight falls or fall changes. Most yards are laid to SR3, (More information on Floor Tolerance Classes).

Finishing Considerations

External yard concrete flooring is normally brush finished with trowelled margins. The best finish comes when the concrete is powerfloated before brushing operations but this can add costs, and so is budget dependent. A good brush finish will give a lasting textured finish, giving slip resistance and durability. In the ‘olden’ days, yards would be ‘tamped’ finished but this is inconsistent and quality control is almost impossible. A ‘Tamped’ finish offers no more benefit than brushed finish and the method is now frowned upon.

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    External Yard Projects

    We’ve installed concrete flooring in external yards all across the country. Check out some of our external yard case studies; you’re sure to find a previous job we’ve completed that closely matches your needs.


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