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Car Park Concreting

Experts in Car Park Concreting

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In 2017 we laid over 100,000 square metres of concrete in car parks.


Car Park Concreting Requirements

Preparation Options

As with all projects shuttering is needed to hold the concrete in place while it is poured and as it dries. As car park concre comes under constant pressure & heavy loads, you’ll also require some reinforcement to offer extra structural support and reinforce the concrete. Often carparks are constructed as long bays with joint detail in between bays to stop vertical & lateral movement.

Types of Lay

When installing car park concrete there are only a few things you should consider. High tolerance & levelness isn’t a priority so a Laser Screed Lay will probably be unnecessary. This leaves two suitable options; Screed Rail lay or Hand Lay. A screed rail system can be more expensive to set up but will ensure your car park concreting is accurately levelled. A hand lay method requires more expert installers on site but can produce excellent results in a quick timescale.

Finishing Considerations

There is typically one acceptable finish for an external car park concrete flooring, a Brush Finish. If your car park is at all exposed to the elements the rough texture of a brush finish provides the necessary surface grip and traction for pedestrians and vehicles. The ridges of a brush finish also encourage the proper drainage and movement of water. Most concrete floors for carparks are installed to SR3 level of tolerance. (More information on Floor Tolerance Classes).


Car Park Concreting Projects

We’ve installed concrete flooring for car parks all across the country. Check out some of our car park case studies; you’re sure to find a previous job we’ve completed that closely matches your needs.

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