Types Of Floor

Learn about the concrete pouring process and how it works across different locations. Find out what considerations you should make for your project and understand the decisions we make based on them.

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To manage heavy weight and traffic, we apply reinforced super flat surface concrete for all types of warehouses

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Car Park

We use a brush finish when applying car park concrete, providing sufficient vehicle traction and drainage

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Raised Floor

Single slabs to multi-storey projects, our raised floors are installed on metal decking or concrete beams

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Ground Floor Slab

We Install ground floor concrete slabs nationwide including reinforcement AWD joints

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Garage Forecourt

Brush finished and trowel margined slabs that look great and are non-slip

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External Yards

Exposed to the elements with heavy vehicle traffic. External yard concrete must be robust and durable

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High Tolerance Floors

We can install floors to the highest levels of tolerance for high racking or unique floors

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