Waterproof Basement Construction

CBS Concreting Ltd are specialists in constructing waterproof basements on large scale projects, without the need for a waterproof membrane to be fixed to the sides of the walls. With our waterproof concrete system, there is no requirement to apply a bitumen membrane, reducing the risk of water ingress at a later date, and also making the construction process a lot quicker than normal methods. All of our waterproof concrete structures come with a full insurance backed guarantee, and the close inspection of our works by the insurance company at every stage, highlights any potential issues, making the ingress of water at a later date virtually impossible.

We have constructed many basements with this system and have a 100% record with regards to delivering fully water tight structures up to 6m below ground level.

The benefits of the water proof concrete system are as follows:

  • Fully insurance backed
  • No need to tank walls meaning quicker construction and no risk of tanking puncture
  • No additional labour needed to tank walls therefore reduction in costs

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