Laser Screed Flooring

Laser screed flooring picture


Laser Screed Flooring

Using the latest Somero SXP laser screed machinery we can lay and high tolerance concrete floor slab of up to 3000m2 in a single day. The tolerances achieved with this machine in free movement slabs are FM1, FM2 (special), FM2, and FM3 in accordance with the TR34 Document. 

DM1, Category 1, & Category 2 which are required for high bay racking, are also achieved incorporating the laser screed large pour methods in defined movement slabs.

Where large pours are to be carried out to a tight tolerance, the Somero laser screed flooring machines are definitely the machines to use, however if a small area of floor is to be laid to a tight tolerance, then we are able to lay this with our smaller laser screeds and power rakes that we have. This gives you a high tolerance concrete floor where the large laser screed cannot be used.


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