Dry Shake Toppings

dry shake toppings by CBS Concreting


Dry Shake Toppings

Where required we can also spread a dry shake surface topping to any floor slab that we install. This can be for a number of reasons such as colour of concrete for aesthetic reasons, surface hardening or to help achieve certain abrasion resistance requirements such as AR special or AR1.

The dosage of the dry shake is usually dependant on the design and end use of the floor slab, but we can apply this topping one of three ways:

  • Spreading the topping by hand
  • Spreading the topping using a pedestrian tremex spreader
  • Spreading the topping mechanically using a mechanical spreader (for large areas)

All of the above techniques enable us to spread the required dosage (kg/m²) on to the slab. Due to our professional relationships with various dry shake topping manufacturers, we are able to tailor the material application to the clients requirements, and usually attend site pre-start meetings with these suppliers to ensure both client and supplier are 100% happy with the installation of the slab and topping.

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